Check Security


Things To Remember:

  • Guard your checkbook and checks.
  • Never give your account and routing numbers to people you do not know, especially to anyone over the telephone — even if the individual represents him or herself as a bank employee.
  • Guard your deposit slips. Never use your deposit slip for “scrap” paper and then give it to someone.
  • Properly store or dispose of canceled checks.
  • If your checkbook is lost or stolen, immediately inform us.
  • When traveling for a period of time, it is wise to leave your checkbook at home, locked away, and purchase a travel card or use your ATM/CheckCard.
  • Write your checks using ink pens...never pencil.
  • Write the payee name and the dollar amount in both numbers and letters, as far to the left in the allotted space. And then draw a line through the unused space to the right of the letters and numbers to prevent additions.
  • When writing the payee name on the “Pay to the Order of” line, make sure the name is spelled out so it cannot be altered.
  • Promptly balance or reconcile your checkbook register with your monthly bank statements.